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1.Ms. Abha Anant – Indira Nagar Campus, City Montessori School, Lucknow (click for a short bio)

Mrs Abha Anant is the Principal of the Indira Nagar campus of City Montessori School, Lucknow, the Guinness world record holder school for the largest number of pupils in a single city.  She has a total of 16 years of experience as a Principal and before that as a teacher facilitator, visiting various campuses of the school, supervising teaching-learning process to ensure Quality Control across all campuses. She has been the convenor of International Events organised annually for students and also lead a delegation of students to attend the Children’s International Summer Village held in Sweden.
Undertaking the Adhyayan assessment for her school was an enriching experience. She feels that the Assessor Programme is a unique means of professional development, learning on the ground about the best practices in various schools and in the process enabling her to introduce new, tested ideas in her own school.
2.Ms. Susmita Basu, Quality Assurance Innovation Department, City Montesssori School, Lucknow (click on name for short bio)

Ms. Susmita Basu is the Head of the Quality Assurance and Innovations Department of City Montessori School, Lucknow. She, along with a team of 48 teacher-facilitators, regularly visits the 20 campuses of City Montessori School to work with the Principals, teachers and students to improve the standard of the teaching-learning process. Through The Assessor Programme, Ms. Susmita seeks to be exposed to and to learn about the good practices undertaken in other schools across different cities and learning environments
3.Mr. Clifford D’Souza - Coordinator, Don Bosco High School, Matunga, Mumbai
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23.Neha Chheda-Executive Director, Shishuvan School, Mumbai (click on name for short bio)

Neha Chheda is the Executive Director of Shishuvan School, Mumbai. Driven to achieve international standards, she works with support staff, office staff, Heads of Department and the Principal, to partner management, parents and the external educational environment to create a stellar school. Her leadership by example ensures the quality of teaching and learning as well as the holistic participation of students and every staff member in the processes and events of the school. Neha has been associated with Adhyayan for more than 2 years. Her commitment to her own personal development and her motivation to guide her school toward international excellence has led to her participation in numerous Adhyayan’s teams as an external reviewer moving from intern to Lead Assessor.
4.Fr. Crispino D'Souza - Principal, St. Dominic Savio High School, Mumbai(Click on name for short bio)

Fr. Crispino D’souza is the Rector and Principal of St. Dominic Savio High School. He is also the Provincial Councilor for Education of the Don Bosco Mumbai Province, which has 22 schools. He is associated with Adhyayan for about two years. He has participated in many external reviews. The review process has helped him transform not only his school but also fifteen other schools in the province. His endeavor is that, together with the parents and staff and students, all who come to his State board school receive an International Quality of Education.
5.Fr. Bernard Fernandes – St. Joseph’s High School Wadala, Mumbai (Click on name for short bio)

Fr. Bernard Fernandes is the Principal of St. Joseph’s High School, Wadala. He has been on the Don Bosco Mumbai Province Education Commission for two terms and together with Fr. Crispino D’Souza and Adhyayan’s support has developed ‘The Don Bosco Way’, a set of assessment criteria for Salesian schools across India. Previously, Fr. Bernard was the Principal of Don Bosco High School & Junior College, Lonavla. He believed that in order to grow, we have to learn constantly.  There is no end to our learning process.  As an educator and a Principal, it is necessary that he keeps abreast of the principles and tools of education, innovative methods of the teaching-learning process, and gather appropriate tools for management.  The exposure provided through the Adhyayan Assessment program as an assessor provides him with the right mix of people and techniques to meet his goals. Moreover the professionalism and the commitment to the cause of quality education at the Adhyayan Services are worth embracing.
6.Fr. Jude Fernandes, Principal, St. Stanislaus High School, Mumbai
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7.Sr. Gloria Ferrao, Asst-Head Mistress, St. Stanislaus High School(click on name for short bio)
Sr. Gloria Ferrao is the Assistant Head Mistress at St. Stanislaus High School in Bandra. Sr. Gloria has been instrumental in the development of the school towards a more child-centric approach in recent years working alongside members of the school community to embed activity-based learning through which students encompass life-long skills. Sr. Gloria had joined the Adhyayan team in 2013 conduct an external review of a school in Mumbai.
8.Fr. Anthony Fonseca- Principal, Don Bosco Senior Secondary School, Nerul
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9.Ms. Susan Hillman - Professor. Saginaw Valley State University, Michigan, USA(click on name for short bio)

Ms. Susan L. Hillman, Ph.D., is Professor of Teacher Education at Saginaw Valley State University, Michigan, USA. She primarily teaches mathematics education courses for people studying their Bachelors and Masters degree programs to become elementary school teachers. She has worked with Adhyayan as an International Associate since 2012, and currently is involved in several Adhyayan projects, including The Assessor Program (TAP) as an Associate Assessor. Always striving to continually improve teaching practices (her own and supporting others to do so) motivated her to join TAP as a way to contribute to improving the quality of education across the world. Facilitating knowledge development of what ‘good’ numeracy programmes look like, she supports Adhyayan’s Assessors through their journey to making accurate judgements based on evidence.
10.Ms. Kaye Jacob - Associate Director/Principal, The Heritage School, Gurgaon
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11.Ms. Nitika Kariwala - National Alumni Impact Manager, Teach for India, Mumbai (click on name for short bio)

Nitika Kariwala Agrawal is the National Alumni Impact Manager at Teach For India. She is building an impact framework and case studies on the high potential alumni of Teach For India. Her interest in institute evaluation and formative assessments motivated Nitika to take up Adhyayan’s program as an assessor. Understanding how the diagnostic works and the assessment process she undertook has been truly enlightening and challenging. Nitika would like to incorporate the assessment process for an in depth analysis of the alumni and support them in creating impact towards educational equity and quality of teaching.
12.Mr. Vishnu Karthik Associate-director(projects) The Heritage School, Gurgaon(click on name for short bio)

Vishnu is currently the Associate-Director (Projects) of The Heritage Group of Schools – a group of K-12 experiential learning schools with over 6000 children across 3 campuses. He is also the head of the Senior School (Grade 8 to 12) at Heritage and his responsibilities include curriculum delivery, assessments, student life and teacher training.
A proponent of experiential learning, he is also a grade IX economics teacher. Prior to working in schools, Vishnu has worked as a consultant in the areas of leadership development, organization change management, learning design and has delivered projects in India, USA, South East Asia and Europe. He holds a MBA symbiosis Pune and Masters in Education from Harvard Universtiy. He is personally passionate about cognitive-neuroscience, project based learning and incubating experiential learning schools.
Vishnu is a student of school improvement processes and is a proponent of accreditation as a tool for school transformation journeys. .
13.Ms. Jayashree Krishnan – Rajendra Nagar Campus III, City Montessori School, Lucknow
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14.Mr. Paul Machado - Principal, Campion School, Mumbai
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15.Ms. Valerie Mascarenhas - Coordinator, St. Dominic Savio High School, Mumbai (click on name for short bio)

Valerie Mascarenhas is the Co-ordinator of the secondary section at St. Dominic Savio High School, Andheri. Her very essence is that of an educator and she believes that if one is not constantly growing one cannot guide the young in their growth. It is this belief that brought her to journey with Adhyayan as an assessor. As an assessor, she has been associated with Adhyayan since April 2013, after having witnessed the ‘Adhyayan phenomenon’ as a part of her school SSRE team in October 2012.
As a leader, Valerie strives to ‘be the change’ and values her rapport with students and colleagues tremendously, given that it is the essential channel to expedite change. She envisions a classroom where every child believes in his/her brilliance and constantly strives to achieve the same. She is humbled by the dedicated endeavours taken on by many educators to nurture the young and the commitment of the Adhyayan Team towards facilitating this. She hopes to learn a lot from every educator she meets as she herself grows with Adhyayan.
16.Ms. Soniya Mawani - Principal, Children’s World Academy, Nagpur
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17.Ms. Sarita Mulye - Head of Department, Middle School, Shishuvan School, Mumbai
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18.Ms. Priyanka Patel- Director, The Looking Glass, Mumbai
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19.Mr. William Power - Primary Co-rodinator, Manorfield Primary School, London
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20.Fr. Andrew Rodrigues - Vice Principal, St. Stanislaus High School, Mumbai
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21.Ms. Shubadra Shenoy- Principal, Shishuvan School, Mumbai
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22.Ms. Namita Talreja- Head of Department, Primary School, Shishuvan School, Mumbai
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23.Mr. Tushar Tamhane - Ex Director Indus School
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24.Ms. Maria Xavier - Primary Head, St. Dominic Savio High School, Mumbai (click on name for short bio)

Ms. Maria Xavier is a Head teacher representative in St. Dominic Savio High School’s School Self-Review team in October 2012. She has joined the Adhyayan team in December 2013 for her first experience of an external review in Valsad, Gujarat. Maria exhibited her confidence in evidence collection, having previously undertaken a follow up self-review in her own school one year following its AQS programme. Maria is excited to embark on her journey to becoming an Adhyayan Assessor as it will sharpen her own skills in making well informed judgements on school performance based on evidence.