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How Adhyayan works alongside school leaders

By Neha Chheda, ASIST Lead ASIST usually gets requests like: “Please train our teachers in Facilitation”, “Our teachers need training in creating displays”, “Our middle leaders and subject heads are struggling with Classroom observation”, “We

‘Be open and unbiased, you never know what you may learn’


In 2014, Jayshree Oberoi, Principal of the Late Anantrao Pawar Memorial English Medium School in Pune led her school self-review team when they undertook the Adhyayan Quality Standard (AQS) programme in 2014. Later, driven

TAP Retreat April 2017

13 Lead and Sr. Associate Assessors recently took a weekend out of their busy schedules to Retreat to Jindal Vidya Mandir, Vasind, where they reflected on their year as educators and Assessors, discussed the


The Assessor Programme (TAP) Workshops

Failing Children

A rough meaning of the word ‘Fail’ is to fall short of success or achievement in something expected, attempted, desired, or approved. Following this definition, in the Indian education system any child who has

TAP Workshop Storify

Mothering Maths


Menaka Raman is a mother to two boys, deeply interested in how they learn and whether they are having fun when they learn.  “If my brain keeps on growing, will it explode out of my

Be Proactive to Help Your Child Banish Math Blues

Menaka Raman is the Online Content and Social Media lead at Adhyayan. She is a former copywriter whose parenting philosophy is: if there’s no blood, don’t call me. She tweets @menakaraman. An edited version

TAP Workshop: Pedagogy: What Good Looks Like

[View the story “TAP Workshop on Pedagogy: What Good Looks Like ” on