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Adhyayan on Youtube


Adhyayan Asia launches its Youtube Channel which hosts Adhyayan Asia videos. This channel will contain resource videos for educators, parents and school management. This channel is unique for the fact that all these videos contain leaders from across different schools, sharing their good practices with the audience. The aim with this resource material is for all our stakeholders to take inspiration from good practices across different schools and incorporate them in their educational institutions. This in our vision, will bring about organic growth accross educational institutions.

Adhyayan rarely indulges in advising its viewers and pointing fingers at what is right or wrong. Keeping up with our self-review model, it would be great to share these videos which celebrate the good practices by our school leaders and provide inspiration to our viewers to incorporate them in their schools.

Subscribe to the channel to stay updated with the latest educational resources and also look at the testimonials by our stakeholders.


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