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English In Action


This year Adhyayan began providing consulting services for the Open University’s (OU) English in Action (EIA) programme in Mumbai, Dhaka and Milton Keynes – the home of the OU.

Our Executive Director, Kavita Anand, and International Director, Spokey Wheeler worked alongside the OU and Bangladesh team to support the development of leadership and management resource materials for the headteachers of the EIA schools.

Leadership and Management and Collaboration with Adhyayan

English in Action ( has worked closely with Adhyayan to develop new activities and supporting materials for head teachers in Bangladesh, to enable more effective support of the projects implementation of School Based Teacher Development. These materials are designed to be simple and practical, but yet to help head teachers make the little changes that can make a big difference. In addition to activities and resources, the materials make effective use of creative approaches, like stories, to help head teachers and school leaders reconsider their role in supporting improvements in the quality of teaching and learning in their schools.

“We have just began to use these materials with hundreds of head teachers in Bangladesh, and initial feedback is that the materials are well pitched, and well received.” – Tom Power, Programme Director, EIA.

  The leadership and management activity and resources were developed during writing workshops in Mumbai and Dhaka.

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