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5 Tips To Improve Student Voice in Your School


Platinum Jubilee High School, Gadchiroli: An AQS-ASIST Cycle


 This case study was jointly written by Shubadra Shenoy, Lead Assessor at Platinum Jubilee High School, Gadchiroli and Swati Gupta, Research Lead, Adhyayan. Platinum Jubliee High School (PHJS) is located in Gadchiroli[i] district in Maharashtra.

Adhyayan announces its Student Leadership Competition


Latest issue of the Adhyayan Standard out now


Adhyayan’s Story with the City Montessori School


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Adhyayan on Youtube


Adhyayan Asia launches its Youtube Channel which hosts Adhyayan Asia videos. This channel will contain resource videos for educators, parents and school management. This channel is unique for the fact that all these videos

The Restless School- by Roy Blatchford


What do successful schools and their leaders have in common? They are restless. There is a paradox at their core: they are very secure in their systems, values and successes, yet simultaneously seeking to change and improve.

Student Leadership Case Study


[View the story “Student Leadership Case Study” on

Star Cards on Sale


Adhyayan’s STAR cards are a fun way to celebrate best practice in your school. Simply distribute the cards to the different stakeholders of your school. Once you have completed the activity, pass the card on to someone else. Within

Lesson Plan Certification


Adhyayan offers a range of School Transformation Programmes across the six KPAs to schools, state governments, corporates, not-for-profits and funding agencies. We at Adhyayan are introducing a lesson plan certification programme for teachers and school