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The Restless School- by Roy Blatchford


What do successful schools and their leaders have in common? They are restless. There is a paradox at their core: they are very secure in their systems, values and successes, yet simultaneously seeking to change and improve. These schools look inwards to secure wise development; they look outwards to seize innovation which they can hew to their own ends and, importantly, make a difference to the children and students they serve. That is the restless school.

“In this thought provoking book Roy Blatchford draws on 40 years of wide ranging experience within the UK and international education systems in order to capture the essence of successful schools.”
-Brian Lightman, Association of School and College Leaders

“Blatchford sets teachers, schools and their leaders a standard that’s terrifying in prospect, yet assuredly attainable if we can just maintain our courage, commitment and determination – our professionalism, indeed, as he stresses. Inspired by this remarkable small handbook of school excellence, I don’t see how we can avoid accepting and confronting the challenge. It would be rude not to!”
-Bernard Trafford, Headmaster, Royal Grammar School, Newcastle

“I wish I had read The Restless School in the early days of my teaching – indeed at any stage of my teaching. In a short and pacy book I found distilled everything that matters, all expressed in a generous, open and wise way. And it puts a spring in your step.” Jonathan Smith, author of The Learning Game Roy Blatchford is Director of the National Education Trust.

About Roy: Previously he was Her Majesty’s Inspector of Schools in England, with national responsibilities for school improvement and for the inspection of outstanding schools. He is the author/editor of over 150 books and is a regular contributor to the national media. Recent books include Sparkling Classrooms, The 2012 Teachers Standards and Taking Forward the Primary Curriculum. The Restless School will be promoted at a series of workshops across the UK this spring and summer.

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Please note: This is promotional content provided to Adyayan by the National Education Trust UK.

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